One of the perks of working at home is shoes optional. Yet some types of footwear arehelpful for maintaining support, even though you are sitting at a desk in your home office. And in some cases, you may enjoy wearing shoes in the house. Of course, you need not wear dress shoes, but some casual options are available that are comfortable.

Inside Sandals

A great pair of sandals are ideal for the indoors. High quality sandals like the ones at Chaco feature a toe loop for a secure fit, and durable webbing heel risers that last a long time. The injection molded ladder lock buckles keep the sandals securely fastened to your foot. Sandals are great for slipping on in the morning before your start your work.

Flips are Fabulous

Like sandals, flip shoes are easy to slip on and off. They don’t offer the same sole support, but still fit snugly to your feet if you select the proper size. Look for flips with a non-marking tread so you don’t skid up the living room floor. Also look for styles with a high-tensile webbing toe post for added comfort.

Simply Sneakers

Many still prefer an athletic shoe for wearing around the house. Select a sneaker that has a durable upper that molds to the shape of your foot as you wear it. You also want a non-skid sole for keeping your floors free of marks. Padded tongues and collars are also other great attributes for a comfy house sneaker.

A Causal Moccasin

If you prefer more style, even in the comfort of your own home, moccasins offer a combination of comfort and class. Look for moccasins with a durable leather upper and waxed cotton laces. Neither will wear too easily over time. Moccasins also make you feel like you got dressed up to go to work, even though you are just in your home office. As a psychologicalcomponent to staying productive as a remote worker, a nice pair of shoes may be the solution.

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