Whenever some consider the benefits of physio, they often think only of recovering after a severe injury such as that sustained during a violent car accident on the road. The truth of the matter is that many people, recent mothers in particular, benefit from receiving physio from a trained and reliable professional. The act of giving birth is often said to be beautiful and one of the world’s few remaining miracles, and while this is absolutely true, it is also an act proven to be extremely hard on a woman’s body, even after just one birth.


Passing the body of an infant through the birth canal may cause a wide range of symptoms and trauma to the body, such as urinary or faecal incontinence. Incontinence is the term applied to any loss of control when holding back urine or faecal matter, although it is more likely for a recent mother to experience urinary incontinence than the other symptom, and the severity will vary from one woman to the next. Women’s health physio in Perth is necessary because there are a number of exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic floor and all other surrounding areas responsible for this problem, allowing a woman to see improvement in her incontinence.

Unlike surgical solutions, which may correct the problem but cause any number of side effects such as painful intercourse, the treatments offered by a physiotherapist are completely non-invasive. This option should be your first on your list because it will treat the symptoms after childbirth without any additional invasions of your body, and it may be all you need to see improvement. Incontinence is different for each woman and pregnancy, but it is most commonly experienced the most during the night time hours.

Reduce Pain

It may be that your birth was considered particularly difficult on your body and now you have pelvic pain and other issues associated with your body. Lower back pain is exceptionally common after childbirth, and may plague a mother for months or even years if not properly treated with the help of a trained professional. Not only will you receive lasting relief from your pain, you may also see the pain reduced after just a few days or weeks, which is important when you must care for a brand new little one.

Easier Pregnancies

Once you decide you would like to have a second child, or even if this is your very first child, physio may be undergone long before the actual birth. Great physical therapy can help make the body ready for the birth and allow you to feel just a bit more comfortable as your belly and child grow over the next nine months. Physiotherapists are highly skilled at what they do, and know how to handle your growing stomach without any issues or risk to yourself and the baby. Not only will you see your quality of life improve, you may also have a faster and easier pregnancy with such help.