The average person’s hair must endure a barrage of assaults from both natural and man-made elements, and therefore it requires regular nourishment and care, which, as we get older, should become more intense. Protein is an essential component in the make-up of healthy hair, and very often, protein treatments can reduce the effects of hair loss quite considerably, and with many clinics that are dedicated to hair care, help is always at hand.

Initial Consultation

The first step would be to undergo an examination by a hair care expert, and if you are looking for recommended hair and scalp treatment in Singapore, for example, there are online clinics that use state of the art technology to treat a range of hair issues in both men and women. It is possible to book a free initial consultation on their website, and with a professional diagnosis, you will be able to make an informed decision on the best treatment. Of course, every scalp is unique, and by using the latest equipment, your scalp can be magnified many times over, which allows the expert to see things the naked eye would not.

Protein Application

Whatever your hair issue, replenishing the protein will have an instant effect, and this will allow your hair to naturally battle with the hair problem, which might be hair loss, or premature greying hair. The protein comes already mixed with high quality shampoos and conditioners, and this makes for a very easy application process. A composition of selected herb extracts would be applied to nourish the hair and scalp, and the process will reach all areas of the scalp.

Second Examination

Directly after the first treatment, the specialist would conduct a second examination, and the results can be seen, even at such an early stage, and when this has been completed, another appointment would be scheduled to continue the treatment. Protein accounts for 91% of our hair make-up, and for this reason, it is essential that hair receives adequate protein, and the stresses of modern life can easily strip this away, leaving your hair vulnerable to attack.

Benefits of Protein Treatment

The application of protein unclogs blocked hair follicles, as well as deep cleansing the scalp, and the essential protein is absorbed into the hair strands and scalp within a few hours, and normal shampooing can take place from the very next day. Nature is comprehensive with its provisions, and if the hair is nourished with protein, then it is far better equipped to deal with any issues, and any reputable hair care expert would always recommend a protein treatment, as well as any other treatments that might be suitable.

The older we become, the more stress is put on our hair, and without the correct nourishment, your hair can look dull and jaded, and it would be more susceptible to other issues. Protein treatments will revitalise tired hair, and with online clinics, it is easy to source the right people and find a solution to your hair problem.