In today’s modern generation, nothing is complete without a good picture. Whatever you do and wherever you go, it’s a must to have some great pictures and share them on the social media. DSLRs are the newest trend these days due to their capability of taking some stunning pictures. And when it comes to grand and important occasions such as a wedding, then it’s necessary to have the best shots through a DSLR. People hire a wedding photographer just to ensure that some great pictures are taken which could be cherished for a lifetime, and hence the photographer needs to ensure that he has the right tool, i.e. a great camera to shoot some beyond the imagination photos. Mentioned below are 5 great DSLRs from which a wedding photographer can choose from to make his job easier.

Nikon D800

This beastly camera from Nikon comes at a price of $2,800 and on the basis of overall image quality; this is the highest-scoring DSLR. The D800 offers some great specs and is a must have for taking multiple pictures, which is a must for wedding photographers. With it, you get a great combination of size, price, quality of image and performance. At an affordable price, it gives you a dynamic range of 14.4 stops which helps in providing accurate colors and full light and dark details. It has a 36.3MP lens and is solidly built, hence having protection from dust and splashes. Its shutter is officially tested to exceed 200,000 cycles, a best-in-range figure.

Nikon D610

Starting with the price, the D610 from Nikon comes at an approximate price of $1,900. The Nikon D610 is a winner in itself in the way it performs. This astonishing camera comes with a 24.3MP sensor and is capable of producing some state of the art images which will attract one and all. It is solidly built and ensures long durability, which every wedding photographer wants due to the high usage. It comes with a stunning 39 AF sensors, including 9 cross-type sensors at a burst rate of 6fps. These specs make it more than sufficient for most situations.

Sony Alpha A99

This is one of the best DSLRs from Sony which comes at a price of $2,298. It is Sony’s flagship camera and is only the second full-frame DSLR model from them. Along with the DSLR technicalities, this camera also but uses a high-resolution EVF viewfinder which is very unlike its competitors. Due to this feature, you will not have to move the camera from your face in order to confirm that you got the shot. It comes with a 24MP sensor having the highest rating for DxOMark image quality rating. It also has a great user interface making it easier to use.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon is one of the best brands which definitely come to your mind when you think of a DSLR. And EOS 5D Mark III gives a great account of this. Priced on the expensive side of $3,199, this 22MP camera produces some stunning high resolution images. It also comes with a great layout along with a very compact size, making it a great choice for wedding photographers. It offers a generous buffer size. The company claims that it has a shutter life cycle of 150,000 clicks. It has a rugged build and is of a dynamic range which ensures that the image has the finest details.

Canon EOS 6D

This is a cheap alternate from Canon at just $1,699. With this camera, you get over 12 stops and outstanding color. It also gives you high quality construction and a shutter which can last through more than 100,000 cycles as claimed by the manufacturer. Durable and solidly built, the camera is dust as well as water-resistant and is the only full-frame DSLR from Canon which comes with a built-in Wi-Fi which is a great and useful feature for wedding photographers.

The Last Words

So, if you’re a professional photographer working at a wedding, you definitely need to get your hand on one of these as these not only offer you some great lenses capable of producing high quality images, but these also provide you with other features such as durability, good user interface and dynamic range to cover up all your needs and give you the best possible results.